Oops, I’ve neglected these lists for a while, but they’re back! Here are just some of the small but lovely things that I’ve appreciated in the city this week.

1. The final glimpses of creative pumpkins. I spotted this one in Brooklyn Heights.


2:: The best new lunch spot I have found in a long time – The Pickle Shack. It’s in Gowanus, which is the sort of area that looks like nothing is going on but actually has a few real winners. The Pickle Shack is vegetarian, but don’t let that put you off, meateaters! It makes amazing sandwiches, like this one – buttercup squash, ricotta and a sage and pecan pesto on the most delicious bread.

pickle shack

3:: Great free comedy at Jalopy, a cute (if not slightly spooky) bar tucked away in Red Hook. Standup comedy can be so hit or miss, and I hate feeling that you have to laugh when it’s really not that funny – but this was amazing. My favorite was Alex Koll, who had Ryan crying and me howling. It was a new comedy night so I’m hoping they keep it.

4:: Views from our new office at Astor Place. Somehow I scored the only desk with a perfect view of One World Trade Center. I am so lucky to have such an amazing view from my desk! Also, our manager has just treated us all to some brand new officechairs too and I can honestly say that I have never been more comfortable when working! My chair is fully adjustable which is great for my bad back. Our manager has actually bought a few pieces of new furniture for our office and it looks so much fresher and a lot more inviting than our old one. There has also been talks of getting some privacy partitions from a company like Versare too. I think this would be amazing for the office and I’m really hoping I can convince my manager to get some! I cannot wait to get properly settled in over the next few weeks.

IMG_0029 IMG_0030

5:: …and these views from inside Museum of Modern Art. Some of the windows further upstairs let you actually look into peek into people’s houses across the streets… which is a little creepy.


6:: Noodle bowls from Republic (my second in as many weeks). It is so delicious – and it’s the nearest thing I can find to Wagamama (which I miss every day).

7:: This building in our neighborhood… it’s actually a funeral home but it’s still the most regal-looking place in Carroll Gardens. I feel like I’m in the south when I see it.


8:: Christmas decorations! Yes, I’m one of those. Last week I was wondering if it was too soon for Christmas music (I decided it wasn’t). I’ve started seeing nativity scenes popping up in the neighborhood, Christmas trees outside stores and decorations are up at Radio City Music Hall too. Woooo

9:: Ye olde celeb spotting… in this case, W.H. Auden and Thomas Wolfe on a single street in Brooklyn Heights.

Auden House Wolfe House

10: A glimpse of this Nick Walker street art (below) on 17th Street and 6th Avenue. I want ittt.

Hope you all had a great week and a fantastic weekend!

Nick Walker