A late Sunday night edition of ‘Things I’ve loved about New York this week’!

1 :: Of course, there was… Thanksgiving! Yes, I was in the office but thankfully I made it to Ryan’s brother’s house without missing a single bite of deliciousness. You Americans don’t do roast dinners like us Brits (see ya Rosemary roast potatoes, hello mac and cheese) but I have absolutely zero complaints about that. It was a great evening (and the food was only part of the fun). Thanks for having me, the Pennys!


2 :: Everyone has their Thanksgiving traditions – and while I’m sad to say mine usually involves working, I am also very happy that every year I love watching and covering the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is ridiculous and over-the-top, and I’ve never lived in another city that has anything remotely similar. Next year I’m going to try to break tradition and nab a spot as a balloon handler.

3 :: Seeing the skyline on my morning commute. Now that it’s dark when I head to the office, I’ve started commuting by cab (I’ve had a few too many dodgy subway moments before sunrise), and it allows me to take in the city every morning as I ride along the BQE. I love it.


4 :: Cheese and egg croissants from Henry’s Local. So soft, so fluffy, so buttery. A perfect ‘hi weekend!’ treat.

Henry's Local

5 :: Last week, I had two of my best friends from Scotland visiting and one night, we headed to the West Village to see belly dancing at Casa La Femme. I found myself falling in love.

6 :: We also saw great views from The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. There was top notch gnocchi, outstanding service, delicious cocktails and glorious views across the water to Manhattan. We braved the cold for about two minutes before we hurried inside.


7 :: The amazing Flatiron Building. I love it every time I walk past.


8 :: Dog photos with Santa. Every year, Love Thy Pet on Union Street invites Santa to pose with pets for photos, and this weekend we took Georgia. It was so silly – I can’t wait to show you the photos once we get them back!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Now I can’t wait for the next holiday festivities and Christmas tree buying… Happy December everyone!