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Before moving to New York, I thought I was going to be seeing Broadway shows every week. But the reality is that they’re all in Midtown, which equals big, ugly crowds and big, ugly prices. Sometimes it’s the last place I want to go.

Thankfully though, New York has something for everyone, and last weekend I found a show that was very far from Midtown – and very much for me.

I first learned about ‘The Imbible: A Spirited of History of Drinking’ from one of my favorite New York blogs, Used York City, and I’m glad I took their advice, because it was so much fun (thanks Jess!).

The Imbible

The off-Broadway show is performed in an underground bar where the Tammany Society – a New York social-turned-political organization founded in the 1700s – used to meet. I was already impressed.

During the show, mixologist Anthony Caporale acted out the history of alcohol – with a fair bit of science thrown in – from its beginnings among cavemen to the present day. While the story is linear, the act is anything but predictable – thanks to catchy a cappella songs, costumes and slapstick comedy from its four talented performers.

ImbibleThe Imbible

When we first sat down, I really wasn’t sure what to expect – but I cannot emphasize enough how completely original, silly and funny this show is. I actually had tears in my eyes.

Oh, and the drinks! They hand out free drinks throughout – which got me giggling even more. Not bad for a $39 ticket.

The Imbible

So forget those Midtown shows immediately, because I can assure you that you won’t ever laugh – or learn – as much as I did at The Imbible.

You can find more info about the show here. It’s performed every Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Vandam Street and tickets cost $39, with three drinks included.

15 Vandam Street

New York, NY 10013

(212) 691-1555