Sorry, I’ve not been very good at this blogging lark this week — I’ve mostly been hibernating indoors, waiting for the sunshine. But on occasion, against my will, I’ve gone outside, and here are some of the things I’ve liked:

1 :: Snowy train journeys. I know we all complain about public transport, but last weekend, Ryan and I headed out to Long Island for his brother’s wife-to-be’s wedding shower, and the trip to Mineola was so easy and gave us a lovely glimpse of the snow. (And the shower was so fun, of course!)

New York City Wedding Shower

2 :: Having a quiet moment in Cobble Hill Canteen. I went to this mini cafe last weekend in a bid to sample some of their doughnuts but they were all sold out! Still, that didn’t put me off settling down for some sweet treats and some serious people watching from the window.

New York City

3 :: Art openings in Williamsburg furniture stores. Sandra Rocha‘s beautiful portraits are on view at Repop on Roebling Street in Brooklyn until April 26. The portraits are so vivid and fun, and getting to browse the stylish store is an added bonus.

New York City New York City

4 :: All the amazing photos of the frozen East River this week. Ryan took Georgia and his new kite down to Brooklyn Bridge Park week and snapped some of his own.

Frozen East Village

5 :: Discovering terrariums. I popped into a bizarre-looking store at 139 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, and came across a whole world of terrariums, plants and tiny models that I never knew existed. If you’re not in the know (like I wasn’t), terrariums are glass containers filled with teeny tiny ecosystems – and seeing as a garden is a rare thing here in New York, they’re a pretty quirky alternative, I reckon.


6 :: Piano in Washington Square Park. I’ve seen this guy tinkle the keys in the park before, but this time, he rolled out his grand piano right in front of the arch – and somehow his fingers managed not to freeze. So fun.

New York City

7 :: Pizza from Pazza Notte. I avoid Midtown at all costs but after taking a tour up there this week, we were craving pizza and came across Pazza Notte – a cute little Italian place on 57th Street and 6th Avenue – and their mushroom pizza was beyond glorious.

New York City

8 :: Mid-week East Village coffee dates. Ryan has been off work this week which is great for me because it’s meant I have a visitor at lunch times! This week, we wandered through the East Village and grabbed a coffee from one of our favorites, Mud on 9th Street.


9 :: Building reflections in shiny structures like this one at Astor Place.

New York City

Hope you’re all having a great weekend, and I’ll catch up with you later this week!