I’ve been out of the city this weekend, which means that I’ve been looking back at photos from this week, and it seems like forever ago! But there were plenty of treats to be remembered…

Subway Art

1 :: Subway art I spotted as I changed at Jay Street Metrotech. There’s art in pretty much every subway station, and these bold, graphic glass mosaics by Ben Snead (a nod to local species) made me stop and snap.


2 :: Cupcakes from Crumbs. One of my colleagues left for England this week and I think it’s a universal law that when someone leaves an office, cupcakes are ordered. This time we called on Crumbs, which I thought had shut down across the city – but it turns out they’ve reshuffled and re-opened a handful of stores. Their teeny tiny cupcakes are delicious, moist and semi guilt-free because of their size. I’m fussy about cupcakes (i.e. I never think they’re worth the calories) but this mint chocolate one was really delicious.


3 :: Blossoms! It’s about time. I spotted these ones on Clinton Street in Brooklyn.

Tiny Library

4 :: This small library. Pick up a book and drop one off — this minuscule library on Court Street (which is next to the church where Al Capone got married) is open all hours.

Chip Shop

5 :: Proper English grub. Thursday was St George’s Day, and since living in New York, I’ve made a point to celebrate it every year. This time, Ryan and I went to Chip Shop on Atlantic Avenue for pies, peas and chips and, best of all, a shandy. It means so much to me that I have such a genuine British spot so close to where I live.

Street Art

6 :: Street art near the base of the Williamsburg Bridge. Love love love.

Avian Avatars

7 :: Meeting the artists behind these birds on Broadway. I previously wrote about seeing these five gigantic birds, and this weekend, they flew off to their next exhibit in Michigan. But on Friday – International Sculpture Day – I headed back to meet their artists, Andy Moerlein and Donna Dodson, and it was such a treat. I can’t wait to see what this talented (and incredibly lovely) duo get up to next, and where their Avian Avatars will roost (hopefully my garden).


8 :: Sunsets in the neighborhood. Summer’s on its way!

Here’s to warmer weather and more delicious treats this week!