This warm weather means I’ve finally made the switch to iced coffee. Yesss. Since last summer, I’ve moved offices to Astor Place, giving me the chance to discover a few new places.

So I thought I’d share a few of my top spots with you – near Astor Place and beyond – and ask for your tips on where I should try next. What are your go-to cafes?

Here are mine:

Best Coffee in NYC

1 :: La Colombe is a new discovery but this has to be the strongest, richest iced coffee I’ve ever had my mits on. One is enough to keep you awake for a week, so this is my choice on particularly sleepy mornings/afternoons! My nearby cafe in NoHo (forgive my use of that word) is incredibly beautiful and the staff are so friendly — which is a pleasant change from so many baristas in the city who seem irritated that they have to serve you.

2 :: Blue Bottle Cafe, a West Coast import, takes their craft very seriously. And luckily they have a location on my walk home because I take their craft very seriously too! The decor is lovely, the fresh coffee is lovely and while the prices aren’t too lovely, it’s still a winner in my books.

3 :: Oslo was the first place in my life that really introduced me to a great cup of iced coffee, and I’ll always sing its praises as a result! They only have two cosy stores in the city (the UES and Williamsburg) but they’re worth tracking down for their delicious cold brew.

4 :: Irving Farm not only serves up such delicious, creamy coffee, but their locations are gorgeous, too. My favorite is in the Lower East Side, where you can get stuck into people watching from one of their windows or get stuck into a book on a quiet floor downstairs.

5 :: Mud is my go-to for a reliable, delicious cup of coffee — whether I visit the store, catch up with one of their famous orange trucks or grab a cup from the park as I’m dashing to the 2nd Avenue subway.

6 :: Konditori, a Swedish coffee chain, offers something a little different among all the hipster stores (and I’m only semi apologetic for including half of them on this list). The cafes are clean and efficient spaces, and the iced coffee is brewed for at least 24 hours, making it strong but not bitter. Läcker.

7 :: Third Rail has been a long-time favorite of mine, not only because their coffee gives me an immediate ‘mmmmm’ moment but because they serve really sensible sized cups – enough to satisfy you but not so much that it leaves you full or wide awake for days.

8 :: Box Kite is so pretty. The simple white mugs are pretty, the snacks are pretty, the baristas are pretty. The cafes are very simple, making sure your focus is on the coffee, which is top notch. Most recently I went for their coffee mixed with tonic (which also available at Blue Bottle, btw) and yesss, I’ve found my new favorite.

So where should I try next?


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