For some bizarre reason, the Squash Tournament of Champions chose to set up its court in Grand Central Station, so tonight I went to watch the women’s quarterfinals.

For the non-paying spectators, the game is viewed through the massive glass back wall, which means they smack the ball directly at us. I spent the first ten minutes wincing at every shot.

While I’ve played a fair few games of squash in my life, I’ve never watched a serious game, and the speed at which America’s Amanda Sobhy and Australia’s Kasey Brown played was breathtaking. I have no idea how they could concentrate with our mugs gawking back at them through the glass.

Squash court

It’s such an odd idea to put this massive glass box in one of the city’s busiest and most traditional train stations, but I loved it. And best of all, for someone who started the week penniless, it was free!

Grand Central

Grand Central