Continuing on my ‘free stuff in New York’ streak, tonight I went to watch what I thought was a student piano concert at the New School. I’ve been to a strings recital at Juilliard before and getting to see world-class performers for free is just too good to miss.

The only problem here? Said students turned out to be five-year olds.

If you look closely you'll see a tiny human

If you look closely you’ll see a tiny human

I have some idea of how this happened. When I googled ‘free stuff New York’, the concert came up with the title ‘Prep recital’. I did wonder what they meant by ‘prep’ but, as it was free and at the New School, I just thought ‘prep’ indicated it was a practice run for the college students. ‘Prep school’ never crossed my mind.

To be fair, it was so cute and entertaining. And the children, who probably ranged from five to 11, were great. I wouldn’t have the guts to do that now, let alone when my feet couldn’t reach the pedals.

Here is one of the older kids, Olivia Oh, playing some Bartok and Mozart.