That ‘balloon animal’ is actually made of cans. Crabmeat cans to be precise. And it’s just one of 28 sculptures made out of non-perishables on display at the World Financial Center to encourage people to donate food as part of a massive food drive.

As well as donations from members of the public, each ‘canstruction’ is made up of hundreds of tins that are given to City Harvest.

Architects, engineers, contractors and students designed the structures and worked from 6 p.m. last night until 6 a.m. today to put every can in place. And amazingly, no glue is involved. A little bit of tape here or there, but most of the items stay in place thanks to some canny placement.

image (106)

image (115)


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image (119)

All these goodies for charity

All these goodies for charity

To read more about the charity that organises this annual event, visit here.