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For the daughter of a patisserie chef, I’m a shockingly bad baker. But today I tried out a recipe I thought would be particularly tricky – and it worked out surprisingly well. Doughnuts!

The whole process took just under four hours, mostly due to the amount of time I had to wait for the dough to rise. And I had to get creative with a few processes because of a lack of utensils, but the results were delicious.

Here’s what I used (plus two bottles of canola oil for frying):

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And here’s how I did it.

I mixed the flour and yeast then added the butter, then the sugar and salt, and finally the milk and whisked egg

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After covering the dough, I left it for two hours until it rose to double its original size

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In the absence of a rolling pin, I got creative to roll the dough to half an inch thick

I have no pastry cutters - so a cup and a wine bottle lid will do

I have no pastry cutters – but a cup and a wine bottle lid (and some brawn) did the job

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I left the dough to rise for another half an hour and in that time heated up the oil to 375F – then we were ready to go!

I put some vanilla extract into the sugar because why not

After frying the doughnuts for around 30 seconds each, I dabbed them on kitchen towel and coated them in sugar. I put some vanilla extract into the sugar because why not

Ta daaa

Ta daaa

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I used a Joy of Baking recipe, which comes with a really handy video. They were a little too doughy in the middle, so I might leave them in the oil for a little longer if I ever make them again. Maybe it’s one I can teach chef extraordinaire Mummy Warren.