I have about four pairs of shoes and will probably buy exactly the same ones when they wear through. My friend Rachel, however, seems to have several new pairs delivered every week; I will never understand how she makes it to the office without spraining an ankle.

So the Shoe Obsession exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology was right up her street, and I tagged along knowing I’d probably appreciate it from an artistic point of view.


20130220-213511.jpgThe problem here compared to most other art exhibits I’ve been to in New York is that no photos were allowed. So Rachel and I spent half the time checking out the shoes and the rest looking out for security.

We managed to snag a few snaps as we oohed at glass slippers, aahed at vertical ballet pumps and winced at knee crotch-high boots. Some were intricate Pride & Prejudice creations, while others had hideous ponytails coming out of the back or were crafted entirely from bone. Rachel was particularly good at spotting which ones Carrie Bradshaw had worn (and at reciting every word of dialogue from the corresponding episodes).

There were so many fantastic designs to check out I can totally understand why shoes are so popular. In fact, visiting this exhibition has inspired me to invest in a brand new pair of knee high boots. As soon as I got home, I did some research into quality European knee high boots and immediately fell in love with one pair in particular. What do you think? Should I take the plunge? Everyone deserves a treat every now and again, and shoes are a fantastic investment piece after all?







She loves her shoes!