I’ve walked past Taka Taka on West Broadway many times and I’ve always turned my nose up at its description: Mexican Sushi and Japanese Tacos.

But tonight, in my bid for a new cuisine, Dylan and I went along to see if it was as repulsive at it sounded. And you know what? It was pretty underwhelming.


I’d say that our being vegetarian hindered us, but we honestly gave the menu a good go – we snatched plates of sushi from the conveyor belt (sweet potato and avocado smothered in chipotle sauce), scooped up spicy fried rice with chopsticks, and dunked skewers of breaded mexican cheese, chilies and spring onions in tiny dishes of sauces. These ranged from pickled ginger and wasabi to yoghurts and a delicious creamy chipotle sauce.





The food was fine, and I particularly liked the rice – it was real comfort food. But the Mexican and Japanese flavours just weren’t defined enough, which is an odd thing to say considering the flavours. Maybe if there’d have been some vegetarian Japanese tacos we could have given it an even better go.

But a fun idea to try – and the Japanese beer was delicious.


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