Instead of the bespectacled, bearded arty types that usually swarm the streets of Williamsburg, this afternoon there was a different kind of clone: Scores of bleeding, mangled zombies taking part in the Annual Zombie Crawl.

Haha, I love New York.

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After getting help from make-up artists at the Knitting Factory, the zombies took to the streets with groaning gusto, limping to McCarren Park where they congregated for pictures and gnawed on arms and brains.

They actually rocked this taxi

They actually rocked this taxi

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I went along to snap some pictures and managed to dodge the super-soaker full of ‘blood’. The whole thing was so bizarre but so funny, and everyone really got into the spirit. When we got to McCarren, they staggered on to softball pitches and volleyball courts as ‘What the…!’ echoed around the park.

Thankfully I escaped with my life – just.

P1030753 P1030752