The Drawing Center

Another rainy day. Another cancelled event. But thankfully SoHo is brimming full of places to shelter from the drizzle.

Today I nipped to the Drawing Center just in time to catch its Giosetta Fioroni exhibit before its close. Even though I walk past the gallery most lunchtimes, the glass-fronted space blends in a little too neatly, so I’d not actually noticed it before. But today I found it thanks to Time Out – and what a find indeed.


This is a gorgeous gallery – light, open – and they really used the two rooms to showcase Fioroni’s wide-selection of drawings.

The first room displayed large pop arty images of Italian actresses caught mid-stare that immediately dated her work to the 1960s. The large faces with their cartoonish elegance and half-drawn lines looked like Twiggy or Edie on unfinished film. The work’s scrappiness put it at odds with that of her American contemporaries, veering away from the mass-produced feel of their works.

P1030514 P1030517 P1030516 P1030511 P1030508

While some pieces would have looked at home next to a Warhol, others were even more fluid and looked like Banksys.

P1030521 P1030518 P1030536 P1030504

The second, skinnier room was lined with delicate drawings of spots in Venice. These were quieter, cooler and much more intricate – saying a lot by choosing to say very little.

P1030529 P1030531 P1030530

I didn’t know about the Drawing Center before tonight, and I knew even less about Fioroni. But her work was somehow both fresh and familiar.

The perfect place for a rainy day wander – and a rainy day wonder: Why haven’t I done a life drawing class yet?