Naked CowboyForget the Empire State and the Statue of Liberty, a real New York sight to behold is the Naked Cowboy.

This semi-clad stalwart of Times Square is a tourist favourite and yet I’d never before clasped my eyes on his instrument (he plays the guitar). His real name is Robert John Burck and he’s been doing this gig since 1997, when he first started busking on Venice Beach in Los Angeles. 1997!

Now, I’m a ladylike Brit, so the way I saw our introduction was shaking hands and swapping names. But that’s not how they do it on the ranch. Just as I extended my hand, he scooped me up, nuzzled my neck, put my hand on his barely-covered tusch and whispered that I was a ‘sweet thang’.

Help meee

Help meee

cowboyOf course, I was horrified. It was so invasive – and he flashed my knickers to the whole of 42nd Street. But even more shameful was how I walked away grinning. Who am I?

I would never encourage anyone to ever visit the crammed circus of Times Square, but if you have to traipse up there, at least put a spring in your step with a visit to the Naked Cowboy.P1040265 P1040277