Blue Man Group

I’ve been feeling a little anxious these past couple of days, so today I had a screw it! moment, whipped out my credit card and took myself to see the Blue Man Group in an effort to get out of the rut.

I can’t remember quite why I opted for the show. My limited knowledge of the BMG comes from Arrested Development. Apart from that, I knew it involved some music and slapstick, and I wondered if it was more suited to kids than (someone trying to be) a respectable adult.

But oh dear god, did I man

The show is a collection of skits with percussion, paint and audience participation, as well as electronics, reams of toilet paper and a lot of food throwing. During the early scenes, the pace was a little slow and I feared that it was more for kids.

But at some point, they won me over. These animated, blue mimes had perfect comic timing. And I appreciated how a lot of the jokes were catered for the adults in the audience after man2

At one point, they took a handheld camera into the crowd for a ‘Closer Look at the Audience’ segment. They held the camera close to people’s faces, which were projected on a massive screen on stage. Then they took the camera to another guy, put it in his mouth and gave the impression they had pushed it down his throat. It kept going and going, his oesophagus and contracting muscles squelching on the screen for a solid few minutes. Oh god, I laughed so hard that I was crying. It was just so stupid.

The show, which is at the Astor Place Theater, is pricey (I paid $80, which is the cheapest) and it is so mental, but everyone in the audience was belly laughing and it was infectious. And success! It hoisted me right out of that rut.

P1040280P.s. Thanks for the pictures, Blue Man Group.