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Please excuse my even worse than usual pictures – forgot my camera

I consider myself a Braves fan, so when us MailOnliners whizzed up to the Bronx for a baseball game tonight, I was left with a choice: Yankees or LA Dodgers. Of course the choice was easy. It just ended up being the wrong one.

About 10 of us descended (ascended) to the nosebleed seats at Yankee Stadium. The monster venue seemed double the size of the Nats’, and I swear the beer was twice as much ($12!) too.

Rachel and Louise get read

Rachel and Louise get ready

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I was keen to show some Yankee support – my hat was cocked and my fighting talk ready. But the problem with going to a game with 10 people is that you end up watching very little baseball. Peanuts were crunched, photos snapped, gossip switched. But while half of my colleagues didn’t care, I love watching this game so had to be a bit of a loner to keep up.image (227) image (229)

How many MailOnline employees can you get in a picture

How many MailOnline employees can you get in a picture

I yelled and hollered, and sang for my adoptive nation. And drank a lot of over-priced beer that tasted like water.

The Yankees ended up losing 6-0. I had a lot of fun, but there were lots of dropped catches and lots of taking their sweet ass time. Thanks for having me Yankees, but I think I’ll stick with my Braves. One of my friends seemed to be having fun at the expense of the Yankees. Turns out they had been playing fantasy baseball and had earned themselves some winnings in the process!

Semi-proud fan

Semi-proud fan