P1110591One of my favorite snack stops all year has been a Japanese dessert store, Minamoto Kitchoan. So when Rachel, who used to live in Japan, told me about a new Japanese pancake place on Spring Street, I was salivating at the thought.

Like Minamoto, the presentation at Eight Turn Crepe is immaculate. In the window of this neat little SoHo store are examples of the filled pancakes you can buy inside – the only difference is they’re made from plastic. Rachel said this is something you see all over Japan and it bizarrely makes sense, especially as the models look pretty real.P1110580 P1110582 P1110576 P1110585 P1110583 P1110586 P1110587

While the sweet pancakes (featuring lychees, strawberries, cream, ice cream and nuts) looked delicious, we opted for savory ones for our lunchtime fix. Rachel ordered the avocado shrimp salad while I went for the tofu edamame salad. Within minutes, they were served up to us in paper cones. And they were beautiful.

Even though you’re eating a pancake, they’re surprisingly light. The pancake itself is super thin and they don’t go over-the-top with the filling, which also makes it easier to eat when you return to the bustling streets of SoHo. Mine was so frickin good – the tofu and edamame beans were fresh and firm and covered in a tangy dressing, and there were sliced boiled eggs for some creaminess and little pistachios for much-needed crunch. Rachel made similarly satisfied noises about the shrimp.P1110589



P1110592 P1110596

There can never be enough places here in New York where you pick-up a quick lunch or dinner before rushing off to do something else in the city, and Eight Turn Crepe has provided another really interesting option – and it’s far superior to the slices on offer in nearby Little Italy. I’m definitely going back!

Eight Turn Crepe is at 55 Spring Street (between Lafayette and Mulberry) and open between 8am and 11pm (9am on Sundays). My tasty crepe cost $9.