PromWhile I enjoyed the benefits of a British education – itchy kilts, carb-crammed dinners, netball matches in the icy rain – there’s one thing I missed out on by not going to high school over here: Senior prom.

We had parties, sure, but nothing on the same scale as they do in the U.S. Tonight Ryan helped me catch up by taking me to the Senior Prom at South, a bar in South Slope, Brooklyn.PicCollage2

The bar has just turned four and had decided to throw the prom-themed party to celebrate. And while I don’t know exactly what a prom should look like, I did watch enough episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Saved by the Bell growing up to know that it should involve punch (spiked), some awkward slow dancing and some cheesy pictures.

We donned some beautiful hand-made corsages and then got to work on the cheesy pictures.Prom

Then we slurped pudding shots and sipped G&Ts (which is probably a little different from a real prom), snacked on cheese cubes and crackers and booed when we didn’t win anything at the raffle.

This was such a fun night – South always has a brilliant atmosphere and they pulled out all the stops with the decorations and photo section, corsages and lapel pins. Plus it was great to get dressed up for a fun little event in the middle of the week.Prom

Thanks for making sure I didn’t miss out on this formative experience, South!

Prom with Amanda and Gina

Prom with Amanda and Gina