Staten Island Ferry

Today I went on a long-overdue date with Ryan. No, not that one. Ryan Gosling, of course.

New York is crammed with celebrities – I’ve spotted Meg Ryan drinking a cuppa, Jennifer Aniston browsing labels and Kelly Ripa heading home after the gym – so occasionally you’re going to be introduced to a recognizable face.

Today I met up with Rachel, who’s been a fan stalker friend of Ryan’s for years now and together we decided to take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry – a tourist staple that I’ve somehow not been to all year. We took plenty of layers and Ryan’s smoldering charm to keep us warm aboard the boat.

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We did what most people do – board the ferry at the south tip of Manhattan, ride the 20 minutes or so to Staten Island and then immediately jump on the next ferry to head back to the city. It’s a brilliant journey because it’s free and yet you see some great sights – you sail right past Lady Libby and get a cracking view of the Manhattan skyline.

The three of us had a great time – although I think Ryan must have taken the boat a few times in the past because he didn’t look too impressed when we posed.

P1110824 P1110826P1110792

We’d hoped a few beers might relax him a little.

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Ryan was a real hit. A group of ladies spotted that we were with a guy and asked us who he was; when we turned him around for all to see, they screamed with joy – and then scrambled to take their pictures with him. He was very obliging, of course.


This was a hilarious trip – and Ryan was a great way for us to meet other people. Rachel and I agreed that we’ll have to take him on a different sort of date some time soon – perhaps a tour of our favorite dive bars.

I hope he calls. I mean.. I’ve put it all over social media so he should see that I am interested, we are a power couple after all, what a way to get free followers on Instagram hey!

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