Holiday Under the StarsIt’s not too early to start Christmas shopping, is it? If you fancy hitting the stores at the Times Warner Center at Columbus Circle, you’ll be in for an extra festive treat: Holiday Under the Stars.

Suspended in the atrium of the shopping centre are 14 LED stars of varying sizes. From 5pm each night, they light up to give shoppers a festive show to Christmas tunes. They glow in unison – turning from oranges to greens to blues to purples.P1120435 P1120453 P1120452 P1120451 P1120454 P1120444

There was a crowd gathered on the balconies, snapping pictures and getting an early dose of that Christmas feeling.

P1120465 P1120464

For me, it was also a good excuse to visit the shops there. I’ve not been in yeeears and while it’s not huge, it has some smart stores – so it was a good start for Christmas gifts.

How is it not even December yet?P1120463

The show takes place between 5pm until midnight every night until January 3.