A week ago, Ryan noticed this graffiti underway in a building near his office at Bryant Park.P1120178 P1120180 P1120184

After a bit of sleuthing, he found out it was to celebrate the upcoming ‘Art Battle U‘ where student artists paint live on stage. So we bought tickets.

The battle was held tonight at Webster Hall – and it was amazing. We arrived to see four artists each dabbing paint on canvases while loud music played and a crowd gathered. Already they were beginning to look pretty great.P1120185 P1120188 P1120189 P1120190

For another half an hour, they worked on the canvases as the DJ played – my early favorite was the portrait of a girl.P1120191 P1120203

P1120207Halfway through, there was a break for the artists so the host entertained us by freestyling and introducing another rapper. I also took a bit of a wander and checked out some lovely ladies who were having their naked bodies painted with bold designs.P1120268 P1120282 P1120249

Then we got back to the art – and it was amazing to see how one piece that I’d previously not really rated started to take the lead. The dark blue swirls of the girl’s figure were illuminated by fiery sticks and splashes of yellow, white and orange.P1120289 P1120283 P1120337

When the time was up, we began to vote for our favorites – and the beautiful portrait and a Damien Hirst-esque double skeleton were the first to go. Then our cheers determined the winner… I hollered for the woman’s fire dancer figure, while Ryan yelled for the unbelievable precise cowboy skeleton.P1120341 P1120340 P1120331

The cowboy skeleton took it.P1120336

This was so much fun. It’s totally unlike the things I usually do, and it was amazing to shake it to some hip hop and watch some top talent at work before my eyes. Plus, it was interesting to see another side of Webster Hall.

Good spot, Ryan!P1120338P1120343 P1120348