P1140134I’ve got to be honest, I still don’t really know what a trunk show is. I think it’s where people bring trunks of goodies and open them up to be sold, or it could be the equivalent of a car boot sale (like we have in the U.K.), seeing as ‘boot’ there means ‘trunk’ here. Who knows, eh.

Anyway, tonight I headed to a great ‘trunk show’ in Brooklyn. Elise, River, Taylor and Julian live above a tattoo shop in Greenpoint, and tonight it opened its doors to people for a browse and some wine and snacks. So I joined them for a look around.P1140135 P1140157 P1140158 P1140155

We entered Greenpoint Tattoo Co’s swinging doors and took a look at the vintage clothes, purses, shoes and belts, as well as handmade crafts and jewelry.P1140153 P1140140 P1140138 P1140139 P1140151 P1140152

Teeny bag

Teeny bag

P1140144 P1140145 P1140143 P1140142 P1140141 P1140146

As gorgeous as all of the wares were, very few of them had prices on, which always scares me because I assume they’ll all be hundreds of dollars when I go to buy. And I don’t want to look like a cheapskate by asking the price and then running away. So the dainty jewelry and snug hats went untouched. (The wine didn’t though.)

This place had a great atmosphere and I loved how it was held in a tattoo shop. Who knows, maybe I should revisit tomorrow for a free Fridays 13th tattoo…

(I won’t.)P1140149 P1140137