Essex Street MarketRemember how I used to make doughnuts and delicious Chinese food at the start of the year? Well, that very quickly went downhill once I realized that there are far more exciting things to do in New York than stay in my kitchen. But when I finish this blog at the end of the year, it’s my plan to cook at least a little more (hopefully Seamless can withstand it). So I wanted to check out one of my nearest markets in the hopes I might feel inspired.

I headed to Essex Street Market, which at the corner of Essex and Rivington in the Lower East Side, after work. Although it promised to be open until 7pm, I was a little disappointed to see that many of its stores were closed. Still, I was really surprised by the selection

.As well as the usual open stalls you see at markets – meat, cheese, fish – there was a section that was more like a supermarket. And tucked in the back was a little artisan bakery.

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One of the best bits of news? They have jicamas! I nabbed one for a crunch later.P1140165

It was a bit disappointing to see they didn’t have more open at this time of evening, but good to know that when I become a chef extraordinaire next year, I’ll have to get here early. I think it’ll provide enough for all my cooking needs, especially thanks to the supermarket-like shelves. I’ll be back!P1140171