GrouploveTwo months after Ryan’s birthday, we finally got to use one of his gifts: Tickets to see GROUPLOVE.

I have to admit, the first time I even heard of them was last year when Ryan mentioned they were playing at Terminal 5. I made lots of disinterested noises while making a mental note to book tickets as soon as I got home. Afterwards, I proceeded to play their catchy playlists nearly every day – and it surprised me how many of the songs I already knew.

Unfortunately, when the date finally came round, I was feeling a little under the weather and not really in the mood for boozing and dancing. But still, it was amazing — these guys can really put on a show.

Their songs are so upbeat and dynamic and fun – and they can really crescendo a song. They make you want to dance and yell all the words (which Ryan did nicely).

He also made a good point that for a Los Angeles-based band proud of their New York roots, they sang a lot about the sunshine and beaches. But after all these freezing temperatures, we were happy to make-believe for a couple of hours.P1010743 P1010745 P1010749

P1010751Anyway, this is just a short post to say if they’re coming to a town near you, check them out. They are amazing live. I was half tempted to book tickets for their second show tonight because I’m feeling much better and ready for a dance.

(Unfortunately, we took our time having dinner (a delicious post-work feast at Sanctuary T with tea flavored cocktails for Ryan and a vanilla tea coke float for me) so by the time we arrived at Terminal 5, we had been pushed to the back of the crowd. I never realized how short I was until then. Sadly, I only glimpsed the band on a handful of occasions – so if you’re mini like me, make sure you get there a little earlier!)

Lovely Terminal 5 (just don't stand at the back)

Lovely Terminal 5 (just don’t stand at the back)