P1010773It’s nearly April and winter’s still lurking. Just as I thought I’d be able to pack my winter coat away last week, it began snowing again.

But last night, I wandered up to Central Park and realized they’re getting worse weather than the rest of us – because one section of the park is completely beneath clouds.P1010754 P1010759

This cute installation (out-stallation) is the work of Swiss-born artist Olaf Breuning, who likes to bend reality to incorporate his imagination. The painted polished aluminum clouds are atop stilts, allowing them to sit on the level of tree branches at the southeast entrance of the park on 59th Street.

Their simplicity is supposed to evoke school plays – Breuning had the idea from one of his earlier staged photographs in which he used cranes to lift cut-out clouds above the ground – and I thought they were just so cute.P1010762 P1010767P1010781

For all the strains and stresses, late trains and messes that New York gives us, it also gives us a lot of thought. One of my favorite things about the city is these outdoor art pieces dotted throughout the streets.

Thanks New York… now if you could just make the sun appear behind those clouds, that’d be brilliant.

Clouds, which has been brought to NYC by the Public Art Fund, is in place until August 24, so you still have lots of time to see it. (I’ll have to revisit once the trees are green.)

Walking past the park on the way home

Walking past the park on the way home