When I was about 12, my dad bought a bright turquoise VW campervan and I remember he spent ages trying to find the best Campervan Insurance. But when he did he was over the moon and ready to take it on a proper adventure. It all seemed very cute until he decided to take me and my sister on a ‘bonding’ trip to Dorset, where we used a loo hidden beneath one of the seat cushions and slept in hammocks measuring a foot across. One of our tires went flat and we thought we were going to be stuck for hours but, luckily, dad had an RV tire air compressor to save us. Thankfully, he never had the sense to cook us a meal inside.

It meant that my first experience eating food prepared inside a VW campervan was a pretty amazing one. It came this week, courtesy of Tacombi on Elizabeth Street in SoHo.

I headed there with Ryan to see if its tacos tasted as good as the place looked. You order from a tidy little menu and then the chefs get to work inside their pretty swanky kitchen — yes, a bright red VW campervan. All they need now is some super cheap signs for the van to boost their brand.


I slurped down an orange Lupita, a sugary-sweet neon drink that tasted like summer holidays, and corn and green pepper tacos. Ryan opted for the crispy fish and seared Veracruzana fish.

Each order comes with two tacos for the filling, so in total you end up with four (which was a bit too much for even this Mexican fan). We also ordered sides of rice and (salty) beans. Delicious.

tacos2 tacos tacos3 tacos5 tacos12 tacos4

The food is delicious and fun, but my favorite thing about Tacombi – aside from its novel kitchen – was its colorful decor. I also loved the huge space, but be warned, it fills up pretty quickly. It was also incredibly clean too! The must have used powerful handheld vacuum cleaners (which can be found at https://www.bissell.com/vacuums/handheld-vacuums) to remove all spilt food from the van, which definitely made me feel more confident buying food from here!

tacos11 tacos7 tacos9 tacos8

Check out their menu here and get there sharpish. I’m telling you, that VW kitchen is wheely quite good.