I’ve called her Libby for years now, but we really don’t know each other well enough to be so informal.

We first met very briefly five years ago when I was roadtripping around the U.S.. I was traveling on my own so I asked a stranger to take a photo of me and Libby together, but for some reason he ended up taking a photo of just me, and I was far too British to ask him to take it again. ‘Oh, that’s perfect,’ I said, smiling.

Since that quick introduction, I’ve moved here, lived here for nearly three years and in that time, I’ve never popped down to visit her. So I thought it was about time I did.

This weekend, I had a visit from two very special visitors – Mummy Warren and Auntie Susie, two of Today the Day I’s most loyal followers – so we all headed down there to say hello.

We joined a massive queue for tickets before jumping on the boat and scrambling for a view as we sailed towards Liberty Island.

liberty5 liberty6

Even though it was a Saturday on a holiday weekend, the island was big enough to comfortably fit hundreds of visitors. If you want to get up into Libby’s crown, you need to book in advance because tickets on our day were sold out. Saying that, I don’t think it’s entirely necessary seeing as you still get a beautiful view across the water from the ground.

Just look at that view — it never gets old.

liberty3 liberty7 liberty16 liberty2

After a sticky sweet ice cream, we jumped back on the boat for the short ride to Ellis Island, where all immigrants touched down and gave their names before entering New York between 1892 and 1954. We initially picked up audio guides, but we soon ditched them and took the museum at our own pace instead.

liberty10 liberty8 liberty9 liberty15

Then, just as big globs of rain started to fall, we sailed back to the city. I loved how the light caught the top of One World Trade Center.

liberty11 liberty12 liberty13

I’ve always told people that they didn’t need to go to the Statue of Liberty when they visited, and I stand by that. But actually, the whole experience was far more easygoing than I expected — as long as you have the patience to queue. And while the ticket cost initially made me weep, after three boat journeys and several hours on the islands, it seemed pretty reasonable. So don’t write it off entirely.

Plus it gave me some much-needed time catching up with Libby, who’s as beautiful as ever. Hopefully see you again soon, Libs!

For more info, check out the website here. You can also get tickets up to the crown here – they cost $28.


<< a well-deserved drink. cheers ladies!