Three years living here and the sirens, smells and cat calls are getting to me. New York, you’re a loud, sweaty sprawl – but I still love you, so what are we to do?

People deal with the imposition of the city in their own way – from Soul Cycle classes to unwinding over a glass of wine – but for me, a girl who grew up in the English countryside, a patch of green does wonders.

Last night after work, I meandered through Nolita and found a gorgeous new spot to take a moment: the Elizabeth Street Garden.


I’d passed it before and always thought the statues were eerie. But on closer inspection, it’s a great little haven. Colorful and so well kept, with lots of nooks to read or relax.

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The 20,000-square-foot garden is run by volunteers, who tend the grass, plants, vegetables and herbs. It’s an important endeavor as the next nearest open space is Washington Square Park, which is a mile away and definitely not half as serene as this little sanctuary.

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So if you’re in SoHo or Nolita and looking for a break, this will give you the respite you crave. I can never stay at mad at New York for long – for all those times she drives us insane, she also offers us beautiful little spots like this to make up for it.

The Elizabeth Street Garden is open Wednesday to Fridays, noon until 6pm, and Saturdays and Sundays, 10am to 6pm. For more, info, see their website.