Walking to the subway this morning, I thought about how last year I took the time to appreciate New York every single day because of my daily new activities. I still think, ‘Woah I’m in New York!’ whenever I see the glimmering skyline of the city – but I’m definitely forgetting to appreciate things as much as I once did.

So each Friday, I’ve decided to reflect on stuff I’ve loved about the city that week. Some of my favorite bloggers (hat tips to Rosie and Jess) do this, and it’s a fun recap of things that otherwise might be forgotten. So here are a few things that have made me appreciate New York this week:

1 :: The new ‘What Lifts You’ mural on Kenmare Street (the cross street is Mott) by Kelsey Montague (see the picture above). The perfect place for posing.

2 :: Finding a pocket of solace and meeting the proud volunteers at the Elizabeth Street Garden after work on Wednesday night.


3 :: Catching up with colleagues over frozen margaritas in the backyard of Sweet & Vicious in SoHo… I can tell you from experience that they are indeed both very sweet and very vicious (the margaritas, not the colleagues).

4 :: A final dinner of tofu tacos from Camelia Cocina Mexicana – my favorite Mexican food in Brooklyn. They’re based in South Park Slope and seeing as Ryan and I are moving this weekend, it won’t be our local anymore. The perfect excuse to consume a vat of guacamole.

5 :: Hanging out with a great mix of artists, writers and foodies at a baby shower (my first!) in a BedStuy backyard last weekend for my friends Linnea and Matt, who are expecting a baby boy in September. I love how New York has introduced me to such an eclectic bunch of people. (Although I did learn that this exists, and I wish I hadn’t.)


6 :: I am a card collecting fiend so I was excited to discover Pink Olive on East 9th Street this week. It’s brimming with cards, paper, gifts and creative souvenirs all made by New York artists (see image below). A nice little stop.

7 :: The sunsets all week. They have been pink, orange, red and absolutely ridiculous. Every time I cross one of the bridges, I get my camera out like a tourist, but my pictures never do it justice.

8 :: And finally, getting so excited about our move and living with my favorite person. Brooklyn, here I come!

Have a great weekend!