I have been the worst blogger this week, but I’ll be back on form next week! Still, the busy past few days have meant lots of happy New York moments.

1 :: having an hour to kill on 40th street and just knowing that Bryant Park would have some way of entertaining me… and I promptly found myself in the middle of an accordion festival. I love you, New York.

2 :: one final ice-packed coffee from The Bean before moving from the East Village. I’ll miss living above this hippy coffee shop where the baristas are the friendliest, least obnoxious in the city. Thanks for always being a pleasure, The Bean.

3 :: the unexpected happy tears when The Kooks hit their first note at Terminal 5 on Tuesday night. The tempos brought back such good memories of university summer holidays. It’s pretty great living somewhere you can see good bands for reasonable prices.

4 :: this ‘eat your veggies’ graffiti in SoHo. Take heed, kids (like I did with #5).

5 :: the vegetable plate at Westville. I could eat this every day.

Moving out of Manhattan this week, I’ve also taken a moment to reflect on what a great place the East Village has been to live, play and eat (farewell Mud, Otto’s Tacos and Organic Grill). I might have kicked rats on my way to work, but I’ve also loved the energy of the East Village. And I have to appreciate the wonders of Craigslist – which introduced me the two loveliest, most easy-going roommates I could have ever asked for, and it’s sad to leave them behind.

That said, I’m already loving our new place in Brooklyn – and Georgia The Dog is too. The other day I walked out of our front door and saw a six-year-old kid dancing on stilts in the street, and I knew I wasn’t too far from the weird energy I loved in the East Village – energy that’s less to do with the East Village, and more to do with just being in New York City.

Have a great weekend!