I love it when we go to Long Island. I love the hour drive out there – with Ryan singing along to the radio – and I love the trees, harbors and beautiful homes when we arrive. I feel like I can exhale.

So when we were invited to Nick and Christine‘s wedding, it was a bonus that it was in Port Jefferson, a part of Long Island I’d never visited before.

We donned our glad rags and jumped in the car to drive to a little church perched on a hill.


After witnessing the delicate dresses, vows and one pretty intense altar kiss, we cheered for the newlyweds before they drove off to pose for pictures – leaving us with a few hours to check out the town.

wedding P1050006-2

The town, clustered near the harbor, is comprised of a mini mall, gift stores, restaurants and a brewery. The restaurants were predictably seafood-heavy but for every seafood restaurant that turned my stomach, there was an ice cream place to settle it.

We soon learned that there wasn’t much for us to do there apart from eat and drink… so we dutifully tucked into lunch, then ice cream, then coffee before concluding the gluttony with tastings at the one-room craft brewery, the Port Jeff Brewing Company (definitely my favorite stop of the tour).

P1050008-2 P1050011-2 P1050013-2 P1050022-2

The food wasn’t the only thing keeping our attention. It seems that on a Sunday, the town is a bit of a karaoke Mecca. Outside the brewery, a ‘DJ’ spun tracks as singers shook the entire town. I admired their gusto.

With our leisurely tour over, we re-joined the wedding party at the Danfords Hotel, which turned out to be the most beautiful spot of the day. I loved the views over the water and the baskets of flowers, but by far the most exciting part was the mashed potato bar. Yes, a bar that served mashed potato in martini glasses. My life = complete.

P1050032-2 P1050034-2 P1050035-2 P1050037-2

Once I calmed down, we headed inside for speeches and dancing, before watching the sun set.

P1050044-2 P1050042-2 P1050046-2 P1050059-2

<< the groom, Nick, with Ryan <3

While Port Jeff was ideal for a wedding, I wouldn’t rush back as a tourist, simply because there wasn’t tons to do. (Well, unless you’re a karaoke and seafood fan.) We were there for far more important things though, and it was amazing catching up with Ryan’s childhood friends and to witness Nick marrying Christine.

She is possibly the coolest bride I will ever see.