Whenever visitors ask what they should do in New York, my first answer is THE HIGH LINE. Every time.

This salvaged railway line-turned-walkway starts in a beautiful part of the city, offers you views to Jersey and across the city, lets you in on a bit of history and entertains you with art and local snacks along the route. Oh, and it’s free.

But ever since it opened a couple of years ago, it’s been evolving. Most recently, a new section of saved railway line has opened up and now loops visitors further out towards the Hudson River before dropping them off at 34th Street (see the red part):

New High Line Map

When my big sis Charlotte was in town, I was happy to have the excuse to visit this new section, especially because the skies were so blue. So we started at the southern-most point in Chelsea and walked north, meandering through the older parts first and enjoying the city’s views.

High Line P1050994 High Line High Line P1080001

I particularly liked spying on this little guy as he got a bird’s eye view of the city.

High Line High High Line High Line

After about 20 minutes, we reached the new area, which is wider and more spacious. It isn’t sheltered by trees or buildings – like the older part – and instead looks over train lines and roadways, giving you an insight into what’s usually hidden behind the scenes.

High LineHigh LineP1080004 P1080010 P1080008 P1080013

The new section also juts out further west than any previous part of the High Line, allowing you to walk over roads and get a closer glimpse at Jersey.

High Line High Line

I love the High Line even more now.

Before, I always felt like it was quite a short walk, but this definitely bumps up your mileage. I also love how open it is, which is perfect for sunny summer days… although I can imagine you’d prefer to stay on the more sheltered southern parts during winter weather.

Go have a look! More info here.