I’ve been a bit of a hermit this week (as I’m sure you realized from lack of posts…) but I must say the sprinkling of snow we had on Friday made the city a real beaut. Even better – it’s now completely gone! Let’s hope that’s the last of it.

As to a few things I liked this week:

1 :: A visit to Greenwich Village. I had an appointment over on Gay Street this week, and it really is such a beautiful spot. The street, which is one of New York’s shortest, is so quiet, well-kept and a great reminder of the city’s intriguing history. It had a speakeasy during Prohibition (number 12, which is on the left in the picture below), and the same building is supposedly haunted.  And around the corner is an abandoned warehouse where the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe has been spotted… oohhh….

Gay Street

2 :: A date Farmacy. I’m pretty impressed that in eight months of living in this neighborhood, I’ve resisted enough to only visit Farmacy twice (I wrote a blog post about it here last summer). Last Sunday, Ryan and I went there to eat ice cream for lunch (hurrah for being an adult) and my deconstructed Twix sundae – vanilla ice cream, shortbread pieces, caramel, chocolate and salt – was unbelievable. (And yes, my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach.)

Soon Beauty Lab

3 :: …and my new barnet after a visit to Soon Beauty Lab. I always find it tough knowing where to have my hair snipped when I move to a new area, and I had yet to find a Carroll Gardens favorite until last weekend when I went to Soon Beauty Lab. My stylist, Dora (great name), was such good chat and I loved how she chopped my locks. I’ll be going back!

Soon Beauty Lab

4 :: Two Boots Pizza brightening up my desk (and leaving me in a need of a nap afterwards). Yes, I know this looks like a very unhealthy week, but when your bosses buy you pizza, it’d be rude not to accept. I have loved Two Boots ever since I moved to the city – the toppings are creative (that’s a jalapeno and sundried tomato white slice you see below), the crust is delicious and the selection is very vegetarian-friendly.

Two Boots Pizza

5 :: I couldn’t have a roundup and ignore the amazing snowy scenes from this week’s snowfall. (That said, please be the last…)

Snow Snow Snow

Hope you had a good weekend and enjoy your week!