Do you remember when I used to blog?

No, neither do I.

I’ve actually received concerned messages over the past month asking if I’m okay. Others have suggested there’s a glitch with my website, seeing as they haven’t been receiving any email updates.

But no – the website is just fine. And yes, so am I.

A couple of months ago I left my job at the Daily Mail, which was both sad (I’d been with them for five years) and exciting (I’d been with them for five years). I had another job lined up but it meant heading back to the UK for two weeks to get a new visa. That visa was the final, sweet result of a months-long battle that us expats have the pleasure of fighting. (I’m not too bitter because honestly, thanks for having me back America.)

Plus, the trip was well-timed. Ryan and I were already planning on heading to the UK in July because my big sister was getting married.

Charlotte's Wedding Charlotte's Wedding

Two weeks of travels and a new brother-in-law later, I came back to New York – and the month since has just raced past. I’ve been figuring out a new schedule as well as how to deal with Midtown every day. (Although – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – but I like working in Midtown! I get off at Central Park every day, and what could be wrong with that?)

This is all a very roundabout way of saying sorry, I’ve been distracted. I’ve had every intention of getting back to blogging but each night, I’ve passed out at about 9.30pm. Who thought living in New York was glamorous, eh?

But I’ve missed blogging and I’ve missed reading my favorite other New York websites, so I’ll be back soon!

So. How are you? What’ve I missed?

Wedding photos by Nabeel.