It’s been a while!

I’ve wanted to get back to blogging for many months but, with long work weeks, it hasn’t been easy. But! I now have a very simple way to show you what I’ve been upto in New York (and beyond) for the past year.

Between February 2015 and February 2016, I recorded a second of video every day. I’ve put all those seconds together to make a video. Take a look!

While I feel that I’ve spent the past 9 months in an office, the video reminds me that I actually squeezed in plenty of adventures.

I witnessed friends tie the knot in places like Virginia, Indiana, Vermont and Scotland; ate a lot of pastries in Paris; saw the autumn leaves in Upstate New York; walked along the beach during a “work trip” in Los Angeles; and welcomed in 2016 at a warehouse party in Amsterdam.

There were other personal highlights too, from starting a new job and gaining a brother-in-law in July to getting engaged at the top of a mountain in September.

Less surprisingly, the video shows that I drank a lot of coffee and took a lot of videos of my dog.

You should give it a go too! I used an app, 1SE. Check it out here.